‘Checkmate’ A Poem by me.

The first poem I have ever attempted to write…  Don’t be too harsh! xD



What’s life if you can’t enjoy it?

What’s life if you always get bit?

What’s the point if you always lose…?

… Sometimes you’ve got take a hit.

See, it’s like a game of chess

Except I’m two moves ahead of you

You’re too easy to figure out, I just have to guess

I’m worthless on Wednesday and fat on Friday

Ugly, stupid and nerdy on Tuesday

What did you use to call me again?

Oh yeah, a disgrace to the human race

And then you would push me to the ground

Kick me while I was down

How would you like to get a taste of your own medicine?

Take a look at your own skeleton.

Even though you’re the king and I’m just a pawn

It’s like we’ve switched roles

Now I’m in control.

But now I see it differently

‘Cause I remember the last thing Ma said to me

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”

I remember thinking it was a lie

‘Cause your words used to hurt so much more than broken bones ever could

Now I’m finally starting to understand

But it’s too late

I wish I would’ve listened to her. Before

But it’s too late…

Before the blade cut into my skin

It’s too late

Before I cut my veins open to bleed

Watched the Crimson blood trickling down my arm

Like a waterfall of ruby beads


I remember smiling ‘Cause I knew I was finally going to get away from you.


By Me.

Hope you guys like it! Feel free to leave comments. (:

T x


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