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Movie Review! (Womb)

Womb/Clone (2010) -DRAMA/ROMANCE/SCI-FI

Directed By Benedek Fliegauf

Hey lovelies (: , I recently watched ‘Womb’ and thought it would be cool to do a blog post, including some of my personal thoughts and feelings about it. So here it is!

A quick review of ‘Womb’ (No spoilers)

What are the consequences of giving birth to your dead boyfriend?

Basic Info/Summary: 

As children, Rebecca and Tommy (The main characters) establish a fairy-tale romance. After being separated for many years, they are reunited as adults, but their passionate relationship is short-lived when Tommy is killed in a freak car accident. Devastated, Rebecca feels that life cannot go on without him. Her consuming love compels her to bear Tommy’s clone. Despite the great joy of having her Tommy back, Rebecca cannot fully escape the complexities of her controversial decision. When he grows to young manhood in the exact image of her beloved, how will Rebecca explain away the confusing urges that new Tommy doesn’t understand?

My thoughts:

I went into this movie with an open mind, having read various reviews and comments about it. However I feel that nothing could have truly prepared me for it, it was like nothing I had ever watched before-granted I was expecting that from the synopsis-but it was still very unique and different. 

Firstly, it has to be mentioned that this movie had about 5 main actors (of which none were particularly skilled). Never the less, I quite liked the intimacy between the characters that came along with it. Personally, I was expecting a bit more from Eva Green and especially Matt Smith who (taking into account this was one of his first roles) I felt was not made for the character of Thomas. Being someone who is not too easily offended I still had some issues with the whole idea of giving birth to your boyfriend’s clone, raising him as your child and then having sex with him aspects of the movie however I could appreciate that this storyline is completely fictitious (or so I hope!) and based on theories such as the Oedipus Complex (which is also too messed up and complex to go into – see what I did there (; ). It was quite thought provoking in the sense that it makes you think about what you would do in these situations if the world was different and cloning wasn’t such a taboo subject.

A great thing about this movie however was the cinematography. There were excellent shots of beautiful landscapes and I felt the essence of the locations were captured perfectly with scenic pictures throughout. And since this was most definitely an indie production, I have to give props to the filmmakers/director. On the other hand, at times I felt like the actors were lost and the dialogue stilted. Overall, this movie definitely had a very ‘indie’ feel to it and I am unsure if this may have been the director’s original intention.  

This is definitely not a favourite of mine and I would NOT recommend it to anyone who is not a fan of ‘indie’ style films or who is easily offended by themes such as incest or cloning. However if you are interested in watching a movie with a unique premise, wanting to see some of Matt Smith’s earlier work or are a fan of great cinematography then you may enjoy certain aspects of it. 

Favourite quote from the movie:

Thomas: What are you doing this weekend?

Rebecca: Same as you.

Thomas: I can’t, I have to go away.

Rebecca: I’ll come with you.

Thomas: I have to go alone. I’ll only be 2 days.

Rebecca: Where ever you go, I go.

Thomas: This is somewhere you can’t go.

Rebecca: Then you shouldn’t go either.

Overall rating: 🌝🌜 ( 1.5 out of 5 stars/ or moons xD )

Thank you so much for reading my review! I hope it helped in some way. Leave a comment with your thoughts on the movie or tell me if I’ve convinced you to watch it (: Also, feel free to leave suggestions of other movies I should watch! 
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Have a great day/night/week.

T x


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